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Ciara LeRoy

Ciara is also known under the artist pseudonym "Pretty Strange." She also answers to "C", "CeeCee" or "Does anyone want cake?" She is an independent visual artist and designer, primarily focused on lettering works. She uses a variety of mediums to convey messages that range from mundane & humorous to deeply emotional & complex. She has been featured by Insider, Better Homes & Gardens & Frankie Magazine. Some of her past clients include Penguin Random House, Verizon, Boxed Water, Madewell, and Facebook.

Embroidery that reads validation is a drug
Kindness that reads "Bring Kindness" with a hand holding a suitcase with a heart
Embroidery that reads "What is a Black owned business you love?"
Embroidery that reads "THIS REMINDED ME OF YOU"
Packaging for Papering