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Abby Friend

Abby Mae Friend lives on unceded land belonging to the Shawnee, Myaammia, and Osage people and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Growing up in the midwest, Friend spent most of their time outside: working with their grandmother and playing in the woods. Seeking the intersections between art and resistance work, they are constantly striving to create connections between spaces that feel intuitive, although they are often uncomfortable. By redefining objects and movements, their work portrays humor, humility, and the absurdity of exceptionalism through education, contemplation, and community building.

Photograph of a bag filled with compost on black background
Diversity in nature and culture must be defended
Spread in catalog with photographs of vegetables
Rock with the words TERRA MATTER written in wood
Collage of hand and print
Sculpture made with Cheetos wrappers, wire, mixed media